Huggie Beauty in Pembroke Pines

Huggie Beauty Pembroke Pines is a salon that combines cutting-edge technology with high-quality service to make anyone feel beautiful. Owner Hagar Vaknin believes that beauty should be available to everyone, and she’s doing her part to make it so. The salon’s services include affordable barbering and cosmetology education, mobile pet grooming, and laser hair removal.

Huggie Beauty is a beauty product company

If you are looking for a high quality beauty product that is affordable and made from organic ingredients, consider Huggie Beauty in Pembroke Pines. This company has been in the beauty business for over a decade and offers a variety of services to improve your appearance. Whether you’re interested in waxing, facials, or chemical peels, Huggie Beauty Pembroke Pines can provide the results you’re looking for.

This South Florida beauty product company opened their doors in 1981 and today has over 300 salons. They are well known for offering quality treatments and beauty products that leave customers feeling and looking great. Customers can enjoy luxurious spa-like treatments and the expertise of highly trained stylists at their Pompano Beach location.

It offers affordable cosmetology and barbering education

Huggie Beauty Pembroke Pines has a beauty school that offers affordable cosmetology and barber education for those interested in becoming a beauty professional. The school offers a comprehensive beauty education that includes the practical skills and techniques needed to be a successful salon stylist. The school has an impressive facility that includes a 40-station salon floor, a student lounge, and locker rooms. It offers both a full-time and part-time cosmetology program.

Students at Huggie Beauty Pembroke Pines can expect to receive a high-quality education while working in an upscale salon. In addition to hair salon services, students can expect to learn about makeup and face painting. Huggie Beauty Pembroke Pines students will also learn about the art of pet grooming. The salon provides services to both cats and dogs, and even a mobile pet grooming service.

It offers mobile pet grooming

Huggie Beauty Pembroke Pines is a student-run salon that provides quality barbering and cosmetology education at affordable rates. They offer five mannequin heads for their students to use during class and also provide salon design services. In addition to offering traditional salon services, Huggie Beauty Pembroke Pines also offers mobile pet grooming. The salon offers services for dogs and cats, as well as nail polish and tick removal.

The mobile pet grooming service is convenient, and takes less time than a typical pet grooming shop. Even a small puppy can be groomed in an hour or less. Pet groomers are trained to handle multiple dogs at a time and will know what your pet needs. They will also look for any symptoms that may affect the condition of your pet. This means that your pet will be more comfortable and happy afterwards.

It offers laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a nonsurgical procedure that can be used to remove unwanted hair. The procedure utilizes a high-intensity laser that targets and destroys the hair follicles. The laser’s light rays damage melanin in the hair follicles and prevent future growth. This procedure can be used on any area of the body, including facial hair.

Laser hair removal targets dark coarse hair while leaving surrounding skin unharmed. Laser treatments are also quick. The 810-DIODE laser at Olam Med Spa delivers 10 pulses of light per second, allowing it to treat large areas in a short time. Laser hair removal can significantly reduce the amount of body hair within a matter of minutes. Optimal results are seen two weeks after laser treatment.